Nicole Turner

Chase International
1644 HWY 395 Ste B4

NV S.0185361

Ambitious and amiable in every way, Nicole Turner makes the process of finding a new home or selling a treasured property and moving on a gratifying experience for all involved. Throughout her career, and her personal life as well, Nicole continually has stopped her life to ensure those around her have received only the finest care and attention. Her cache of talent comes from years owning the first home health care business in Douglas County and as the Elder Center director of the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California; all of which she continued to lead with a positive and persistent stance to uphold only the finest standards and procedures. As a Realtor®, Nicole continues to serve her clients with the same sensitive service levels for her clients throughout the West. “With my experience, I will handle each transaction with confidence, professionalism, and the utmost sense of security.” She’s as personally connected to her clients as she is to her community where Nicole developed a self-sustained garden to help her neighbors with health issues and organized a coat donation program. Throughout this active life, Nicole always finds time for family life which she treasures most. Charismatic, caring, and concerned for all involved, Nicole can be contacted through Chase International’s Carson Valley, NV office.