Melissa Kelly

Chase International
1644 HWY 395 Ste B4

NV S.0188771

Be it business or pleasure, Melissa Kelly’s positive mindset follows her wherever she goes. From her years as a wedding and event planner, recreation business associate, or her years as a financial consultant with Wells Fargo Bank, every client has benefited from Melissa’s varied talents that led to success and happy memories for all involved. With years of experience meeting her clients’ specific needs and dreams, Melissa extends her compassionate nature and precision decision making talents with her real estate clients today. “I am fueled by the responsibility to help my clients with one of the biggest transactions in their life. It’s my passion and pleasure to ensure every moment is as pleasant as possible.” Being transparent and honest at all times, Melissa is an attentive listener; she finds out and focuses on the best approach for each home sale or purchase while she uses her local resources to find the best solution for all involved. Over the years, Melissa has expanded her yearning to help others as a member of the Carson Valley 20-30 club and other local non-profit agencies. Living a busy life, Melissa and her partner are raising children while finding time to enjoy the great outdoors. Giving, gracious, and a true go-getter, Melissa can be contacted through Chase International’s Carson Valley, NV office.